About Us

Building Quality Homes in Leelanau County, MI

Biggs Construction, located in the village of Lake Leelanau, has been building quality homes in Northern Michigan for more than three decades. Some have been cozy cottages, others, lakefront estates Рall have been of the very finest craftsmanship and built with the best materials. We feel that the real reason we produce an exceptional product is the teamwork involved and the expectations, not just those of our customers, but of ourselves.

Our company reflects a traditional employee-based approach to general contracting. We believe this approach allows for the consistent quality control and long term service that our customers should expect to receive. Our crew works with you from start to finish and becomes “your” team. They will have constructed the foundation, framed the house, built the cabinets, laid the floors – they will have pounded every nail. This is how we maintain the consistency that produces a well-built home – one company, one team.

Our group of laborers and craftsmen, framers and cabinet-makers, are in place for you, working with the best masonry, mechanical, electrical, painting and excavating contractors in this area. They are local people who will be your neighbors and become your friends, and, as a group, we are proud to be an anchor for the Leelanau County economy. This is an important point that we will continue to emphasize to prospective clients – supporting the local economy is vital. Unlike many builders who subcontract much of their work from out of the area, we are here for you after your home is completed; we are your neighbors and our name is on every job we do.

What’s important to us? The same things that are important to you. Exceptional quality. Precise attention to details. The best materials. Cost containment. On-time delivery. Long term value.